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Glu Glu _ Fab Lab

Creation of a Food Fab lab - We want to create a research and development structure in the food area. We will offer facilities, work material, equipment, and knowledge.

Creation of a Food Fab lab - We want to create a research and development structure in the food area. We will offer facilities, work material, equipment, and knowledge.

Glu Glu Free opened its space to the public, initially with the focus of offering a different, healthy and gluten-free menu. But what started with a small pastry shop in the center of the city, quickly took on a much larger dimension and now we have national distribution in more than 60 points of sale across the country.

We will embrace the year 2020 with several changes in our facilities, one of which will be the creation of a Fab lab (aimed at developing food production).

We are a young team with an entrepreneurial spirit, with the creation and implementation of our brand in the market, we acquired a huge bag of knowledge and the ability to "make it happen" with very few resources. In this sense, we want to share our experience and facilities with young entrepreneurs who want to make their projects a reality. Or who knows, test new innovative products before entering the market.

We will create different zones for production, testing, product analysis, image development, packaging, marketing, as well as a cafeteria space where you can test the product and the final customer's feedback in real time.

In addition to several workspaces, we want to create the necessary conditions for Networking and exchange of knowledge between entrepreneurs.

We have some requirements: you must have an open mind, the ability to work as a team and you will have to follow all predefined food safety rules. Another requirement: all products to be developed in our facilities must be gluten-free (as we are APC - Associação Portuguesa de Celíacos).

With this initiative, we want to promote the consumption of products as natural as possible, and raise awareness among the population of the need for a range of food products that are safe for the Celiac community, or that are sensitive to gluten, which are increasing more and more.

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About the author

Hello, I'm Ana Henriques, CEO of the Glu Glu Free brand. The gastric problems arising from food, considered by many to be normal, were some and it was urgent to find a solution that would allow me to have quality of life, a solution that would hardly be on the hypermarket shelf. That's how I started making my own snacks, made with natural ingredients aimed at a Paleo and functional style of food. I started with a little research, investigation which led me to find several scientific studies and several success stories. What started with a small personal test, quickly became a need to share with the world that yes, it is possible, to be healthy and flavor in the same dish. There are many quality products, many of them forgotten in our generation, but going back to our roots we managed to have natural and healthy options, being available very close to all of us. We started by looking for a small space for production, we looked for service subcontracting (for production) until we realized that we are very competent now ensuring 100% of our production. Portugal has an incredible level of control and food security, and what at first became a daily challenge is now our inspiration and focus. This has been a complex journey that is still long, but it gives us immense pleasure. We currently have a brutal team, willing to "make it happen" and we aim to promote good food practices in everything we touch.


Budget and due dates

We need € 3,500 until the 3rd of March, for remodeling and creating the perfect infrastructure to receive you.

Fri, 21/02/2020 - 16:12

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