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Two boys with completely different lives end up crossing paths, living a passionate story full of intense emotions.

But before this novel even begins to grow they face a huge obstacle.

Not all families are the same, and though both of them come from the same generation, the family of one of the boys advocates values and cultural visions very different from what would be expected for such a relationship. 

In order for them to continue together, they will have to realize to what extent they will be willing to fight for what they are and if it will be worth all of that effort.

Family is not a choice we can make. But to love someone else isn’t one either.

Will the parents of one of the boys accept who he really is or will he have to continue to live a lie that he, himself, created just to keep his family together and happy, knowing that he will always have to give up his own reality and happiness?

About the author

Dylan Lopes
The Director and Filmmaker of 'Dois'. He is 21 and passionate by the world of arts. He’s a perfectionist and wants to take 'Dois' around the world.

Mariana Santos
The Screenwriter and Copywriter of 'Dois'. She is 25 and has a Bachelors in Advertising and Marketing. She always had a passion for writing and her favorite genre is poetry, her dream is to write and publish one of many poetry books.

Mariana Domingues
The Producer and Director of 'Dois.' She’s a singer and producer of audiovisual and she is 24, from the city of Porto. She came to Lisbon 7 years ago, and since then she’s been working in different roles and with several brands, but her true passion is music, producing and directing.

Budget and due dates

Crew and Actors: €2.000
Equipment: €2.000
Meal Expenses: €1.000

Script: September and October 2019
Pre-production: November 2019
Shooting: December and January 2020
Post-production: February 2020

  • Special Invite

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    Special Invite

    Thanks for believing in our story. We're delighted to invite you to the premiere of the pilot episode with some special guests.

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    Special Invite + Public Recognition

    In addition to the special invitation, you will also have the right to a public recognition. Your name will appear at the end of each episode. Thank you for accepting to float with us.

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    Special Invitation + Public Recognition + Meet & Greet

    In addition to an invitation to the premiere and your name appearing in all episodes of 'Dois', we want you to have the opportunity to meet all the cast and crew, and have a good conversation.

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  • Special Invitation + Public Recognition + Meet & Greet + Kit 'Dois'

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    Special Invitation + Public Recognition + Meet & Greet + Kit 'Dois'

    In exchange for your support, you will receive an exclusive Kit of 'Dois'. This will contain a special invitation to the premiere of the pilot episode, your presence guaranteed in a Meet & Greet with the cast and crew, a pack of stickers with various designs, a special tote bag and the official poster of the series autographed by the actors. (Shipping parcels included for Portugal)

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