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Project "Viver Novamente"

The hardest about surviving brain injury is going back to your day to day life. At Novamente, we believe that it's possible, and for that we need everyone's help.

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The hardest about surviving brain injury is going back to your day to day life. At Novamente, we believe that it's possible, and for that we need everyone's help.

A life saved should be lived! Did you know that 275 thousand people live with brain injury in Portugal?

"Viver Novamente" is a project born out of another pilot project called "Oficina Novamente", that had the duration of three months and that was a true hit - based on participant feedback. That project was only possible because Novamente was one of the winning entities of the Bpi Capacitar Prize.
In 2019 we want to repeat this experience and extend it, it's with this ambition and will that the project "Viver Novamente" is born.

With "Viver Novamente" we want to focus on three objectives:

1. Provide the people that have suffered brain injury occupational experiences and the rebuild of an active life, with proper activities in accordance to their capabilities;

2. Encourage skills of social integration, self-confidence, proactivity, autonomy and improve their life quality;

3. Tackle the burnout of the caregiver of the brain injured person;

With your help the "Viver Novamente" project can have the duration of three sessions per week for one year, with different activities: Cultural Visits; Adapted golf classes; painting and drawing classes; adapted sailing classes; ioga classes, horse riding, workshops, among many others.

Aula de Desenho e Pintura

Aula de Desenho e Pintura

PS - Even if the total amount of funds required isn't met, it's possible that Novamente keeps part of the money donated to work on this project, even if in a smaller scale. For this to happen, we ask you to click the "I want to donate this amount to this campaign owner, even if this campaign does not raise all the funds." option when donating.

These learning experiences can work wonders in cognitive stimulation. Leaving the isolation of their homes, makes them see themselves as sociable people.

Interacting with other people that've also suffered brain injury, always with the supervision of Novamente's professionals, makes them regain courage, fill comforted, regain a reason and will to live and self improvement by recognising themselves and loving themselves as a new person.

It's very important that they love themselves again, to have peace and will to be in the world, but without help like these projects that Novamente does, most of the brain injury survivors wouldn't have been able to get better. Novamente is the only association (in Portugal) that supports people with traumatic brain injury and their families.

We want to repeat this achievement and for this we need your help!

About the author

Novamente was created by parents, doctors and friends of people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with the mission of supporting TBI victims and their families. It's the only association in Portugal that supports exclusively people with severe and moderate TBI. It operates at national leve and is 100% private without any state funding.

The Association's goal is to create awareness of society in general so that they have better understanding of these cases, being that : the greatest damage caused by TBI is the difficulty of going back to a new life, as a different person, that frequently has to belong in a new group of friends, with new objectives and future expectations. The Association works, in the same way, in the prevention of these cases being that the majority of TBI are a result of road accidents.

Aula de Equitação

Aula de Equitação

Budget and due dates

The final budget is to raise 25.000€. Being that this amount will be used the following way and during the following schedule:

  • Transportation and materials - 61%
  • Insurance - 5%
  • Human Resources - 25%
  • PPL Commission - 9%


  • March 2019 - Beginning of the "Viver Novamente" project
  • March to July 2019
  • July and September - Summer vacation
  • September to March 2020 – Restart and end of the project

Location: Cascais


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