School books: Guinea-Bissau
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School books: Guinea-Bissau

We pretend to raise enough money to ensure school books for the primary school classes of Humberto Braima Sambu School, It's unusual the existence of supporting material during ...

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We pretend to raise enough money to ensure school books for the primary school classes of Humberto Braima Sambu School, It's unusual the existence of supporting material during the classes, essentially because of the lack of money.

Guinea-Bissau is a wonderful ountry. I am in love with its lovely people, the children who fill us with love and the constant happiness that everyone gives us. But unfortunately, it's a country that faces a lot of needs, such as education. I have experienced situations that made me wonder how lucky I'm to be born in Portugal and to have access to education in such an easy way. We are lucky, and so often we forget this. It's difficult to learn in Guinea-Bissau, whether due to constant strikes, lack of material / conditions or the family / cultural situation that does not allow the child to attend school. I had the opportunity to visit Guinea-Bissau in October 2018 through a volunteer project. For a month, I taught along with a teacher in the 3rd grade class, at Humberto Braima Sambu School. I eventually returned at the beginning of 2019 and, once again, stayed for a month. At the school where I volunteered, there are no glass on the windows, the floor has holes, the board is erased with a single sponge that is divided between six classes, and the chalk lasts until the nails scrape the board. Many students arrive without the necessary materials, and those who have textbooks are rare, because the student's parents are unable to afford it. In my opinion, here begins one of the biggest problems. There are less than 7 school books for a class of 40 students, so the teacher has to to write the texts, the exercises, the drawings, all on the board. And the students write it on their notebooks with many errors. So much time is wasted and this loss can be avoided if there are textbooks that facilitate this process. The consequence of this delay results, for example, in an excessive number of students who start the 3rd year without knowing how to read and write in Portuguese. Thus, this campaign is born, whose main objective is essentially to significantly improve the teacher's work and the students' performance. Although it's a small step in a problem that involves so many other issues, I believe that with these small actions we can make a difference. And so, I also believe that every contribution, however small, will already make a difference in these children's education.

Thank you!

About the author

My name is Inês Castro, I'm 23 years old and I'm Portuguese. I finished my degree in Marketing, with many uncertainties regarding my future. As soon as I returned from Guinea-Bissau, I realized there are two things that really make me happy. Being in Africa and helping others. I realized that my life would make more sense if I brought the two together. After 2 years, my life changed almost radically, and I went back to studying, directing my studies to the social area.

Budget and due dates

  • Cost of textbooks per student (includes Portuguese, Mathematics and Science): 11 €
  • Number of students per class: 40 students
  • Number of primary classes: 4 classes


11€x40 = 440€

440€x4 = 1760€


The total cost of the manuals is 1760 €.

Given that: 


  • Commission for PPL platform: 178 €

 1760€ + 178€ = 1938€

Humberto Braima Sambu School classes start in October. As initially there is still a lot of chaos and the classes are not yet properly formed, the goal of the project is to deliver in November.
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    1 postcard from Guinea-Bissau

    All the help, however small, makes a difference. To offer you a little of what Guinea-Bissau is, you will soon receive a small postcard with an original picture that I took in this country. Shipping costs included.

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    YOU HAVE JUST PROVIDED A SCHOOL BOOK TO A STUDENT. Previous + Picture and name of child you helped

    Thank you!!! Thanks to your help, a child has just won the set of textbooks they need. Once we have delivered the textbooks to school, you will receive a picture and the name of the child you just helped via email. In addition to all the rewards mentioned above.

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    Previous + Drawing of a School Child

    Your help will be valuable! Soon you will receive a message / drawing that a child from Humberto Braima Sambu School will make especially for you, via email. In addition to all the rewards mentioned above.

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    Previous + Video of school kids with personalized message

    No words to thank you for all your help! You will soon receive a video made by the kids of Humberto Braima Sambu school especially for you, as a way of thanking you for everything you did, via email. In addition to all the rewards mentioned above.

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