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Project 2037

FREE teaching of learning modules on access to computers, internet and social networks, for citizens over 65, as a tool to fight loneliness and social exclusion. Help us ensure ...

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FREE teaching of learning modules on access to computers, internet and social networks, for citizens over 65, as a tool to fight loneliness and social exclusion. Help us ensure no one is left behind

In a future in which technology will play a decisive role, the so-called info-exclusion will increasingly be a determining factor at all levels, including with regard to public health. When many of the basic needs of citizens can already be satisfied through the use of the internet and social networks and the speed with which reality persists in overtaking us, what surprises and unforeseen events will we have in the future?

“Project 2037” intends to anticipate this reality and offer a contribution to alleviate the shock it will tend to provoke, especially in the most disadvantaged and socially peripheral populations. In fact, although the time period can be considered short, it is expected that, in the next 2 decades, science and technology will evolve at such a rate that operations today considered complex or even impossible will become basic necessities for everyone. Aiming to avoid the social exclusion and loneliness that many of our older fellow citizens may be voted on, we intend to design and provide FREE, with the support of all municipalities in the country, learning modules on access to information technologies, internet and networks for citizens over 65 years of age.

At this stage, we intend to cover the costs of setting up the (non-profit) entity that will carry out the entire project, editing the presentation video, designing and maintaining the respective website and social media pages, which we would like to see in operation until the end October this year.

Join us and let's build the future.


About the author

My name is Luís Boto and I have a degree in Political Science and a Masters in Management and Public Administration from the Higher Institute of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lisbon, where I was a member of the Board of Directors and, later, a member of the Advisory Board, as well as researcher at the Center for Administration and Public Policies at the same institution.

I currently lead a research project called “Project 2037” which aims to anticipate how science and technology will influence the lives of citizens around 2037, that is, in about 16 years.

I embraced "Project 2037" with great enthusiasm, believing it was contributing to an exciting and inclusive future, focused on citizens' happiness. We believe that this is a possible plan and that technology and science will soon bring it within reach of humanity.

Budget and due dates

Trademark registration (carried out) - €260

Creation of support legal entity (in progress) - €300

Website design and maintenance (ongoing) - €600

Social media management (in progress) - €400

Editing promotional videos (made) - 500 €

External costs - €500

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    Project 2037 - 1st annuity

    1st annual membership fee as a member of the non-profit association to be created. The project's development aims to establish partnerships with national and international startups that operate with technologically disruptive products or services and that can positively influence the near future of citizens, companies and administrations. "Project 2037" offers a way of first-hand access to these products and services, investing in the transfer of technology between its members and in obtaining the added value resulting from it. As an example, an Indian member company wishing to establish itself in a certain territory, in Portugal or abroad, may do so together with another member that provides a range of services and opportunities that meet their expectations. Join us and let's build the future.

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