Óletras - Cultural Character
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Óletras - Cultural Character

Incentive the portuguese culture around the "World". A dream alone is a dream. A dream dreamed together is reality.

Incentive the portuguese culture around the "World". A dream alone is a dream. A dream dreamed together is reality.

Óletras - Cultural Character - Mascot of the Portuguese Language

The project was born on a trip to Iraq in 2004 at the time of war. In one of the moments when I had to be in isolation I wanted to sketch something and in one of these drawings the Óletras was born. Over time I improved the doll itself, asking for opinions from friends, acquaintances, and everyone gave positive feedback.

With the high favorable response from the people around me, in 2005 I decided to register the patent at the National Institute of Industrial Property (Portugal).

After some time in stand-by I resumed the project in force and created a platform in the internet (facebook) that had a good adhesion of the public. I constantly receive notifications to present the Óletras site, in order to make protocols with several countries and to promote Portuguese events and products around the world. To give the project more dynamism and as a non-profit organization, I intend with this campaign to raise as much support as possible and your support is essential.

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"My homeland is the Portuguese language"

Nossa equipa /  13/5000 Our team

Nossa equipa / 13/5000 Our team

About the author

Maria Deserto was born in (Portugal) in the city of Penafiel, on March 4, 1960.

With a versatile, self-taught background, he developed his interest in painting at an early age.

She held collective and solo exhibitions in several Portuguese countries and entities, in love with the Portuguese language, coordinator of several works.

Lives in Portugal city of (Porto).

He believes that drawing is an act of communicating with the world, love of nature, love of life.

Budget and due dates

The amount raised will be distributed as follows:

1 - Payment on the award 50% of the value of the budget.

2 - Payment online placement of the website and services 50% of the budget amount.

3 - Payment PPL commission and preparation of rewards by mail on behalf of the promoter. I will be grateful for your contribution.

The time has come to ask for help, all my hope lies in you.

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1. Purpose of the project:

The aim of this project is to develop a website for Odestras - Cultural Character, functional and intuitive navigation, providing an organized and relevant content structure from the point of view of the user. It is foreseen that this website serves to give knowledge of the activities developed by this, be news and promotion of events and the assembly of an online store to exchange with the world.

2. Proposed value of the investment:

Service Description Value

Domain + Hosting + Creation and Development of Website / Online Store + Maintenance

to acquire a domain (.com)

domain registration ∙ website hosting on a server ∙ website creation and maintenance

3000 €

Total Budget 3000 €

2. Terms of development and payment terms

Phases Days% Value (A) Description Date Pag.

1st Phase 0 50 1500 € with the award of the budget proposal -

2nd Phase 30 50 1500 €

With the website's online placement and website maintenance services

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