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Return of Manuel!

I am a mother fighting for the return of her son to her, on this path of struggle I had to hire a lawyer and the amount to be paid is really high. Thats why I ask for everyone ...

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I am a mother fighting for the return of her son to her, on this path of struggle I had to hire a lawyer and the amount to be paid is really high. Thats why I ask for everyone to support me, so that the weight of this fight is a little lighter.

I'm going to tell a story that until now has been sad but is intended to have a happy ending. This Story is mine and that of my son Manuel (fictitious name).

It was 2021, pandemic, while I was pregnant and living in a mother-baby institution. My beautiful Manuel was born, everything was going well until shortly after he was born, I developed postpartum depression. Without any support, I had to ask for help so they could take care of my son, because I wasn't capable. The services helped, but they took my son. Since then I have fought with all my strength and all my abilities, but until now it seems that nothing is enough. Never before had I realized how difficult it is to show that a single mother can be capable of taking care of her child. Unfortunately, as many mothers have gone through and are going through, the services are negligent and the promotion and protection law, instead of promoting and protecting, criticizes and penalizes.

With everything I've been through with prejudices and poorly formed techniques, I realized that if I wanted to have any chance of letting me be the mother that Manuel needs, and that he has the right to, I had to hire a good lawyer. Fortunately, at an early stage I managed to get a family member to help me financially to cover the lawyer's fee. Unfortunately, the process has been extremely demanding and time-consuming and the costs of my defense are already at amounts that my family member cannot afford. Around €6,500 has already been paid and there is currently around €6,800 more to be paid. These are values so high that I could never have imagined them. The reality is that if it weren't for my son, who is currently living abroad with his father's relatives, and with whom I only have contact by phone, he would be there permanently and not temporarily as I believe it to be. The process is still ongoing (hence the fictitious name), I continue to be an alternative for my son and fortunately I already have all the necessary conditions, so please the judge and the court's technical advisory team understand and accept. I have been working stably for more than 6 months in the same place, I have a home, support from friends who are like family, which I gained because of this process, to provide care for my boy and above all I am well psychologically and psychiatrically thanks to all the accompaniments I had and that I keep.

At this moment, what I am asking is that you can contribute to settling my account with the lawyer and being able to continue with your services. This is the most sincere and deepest wish of a mother who believes that her Manuel will soon return and they will be able to build their family, because she deserves her son, but above all this boy of mine deserves his mother, because he is cliché, but true and there is only one mother!

Thank you all.

About the author

Let's call me Maria, and about myself I have to say that I'm a young adult who unfortunately hasn't always had the best life and when everything could have been better... it got worse and at this moment I'm far from the only love of my life and I'm fighting all the days to have him back with me and be able to be for him what my mother was for me. Life is sometimes a rollercoaster and mine has been. When my son comes back I will definitely be the happiest I have ever been. That no mother ever goes through what I have been through is a great wish of mine.

Budget and due dates

The amount to be paid is €6800 and the process is still ongoing and there will be more costs. It is requested that it be possible to raise the amount in question by the end of November.

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