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João Ávida Mission

João Ávida was taken away from his parents at the age of 4 and lived in an institution for 16 years. His parents live in miserable conditions and João wants to improve his livin...

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João Ávida was taken away from his parents at the age of 4 and lived in an institution for 16 years. His parents live in miserable conditions and João wants to improve his living conditions.

This campaign aims to help João Ávida improve the living conditions of his mother, who has lived in inhumane and miserable conditions since her early age.

João's mother has a chronic illness and has been retired due to disability for many years, João's father, who unfortunately passed away recently, was the only one who put money in the house, even though it was very little, at the time João was withdrawn parents due to lack of financial conditions. In the few years that João lived with his parents, there was difficulty in obtaining food, lack of sanitary conditions, lack of light and even the affection and love that a child needs.

At the age of 4, João was taken away from his parents and lived for 16 years in an institution where he was very well treated, having only received a visit from his parents ¾ times, however he received a weekly visit from his great-grandmother, his shelter and his representation. of affection and affection. After all these years, João visits his parents, who were still living in the same conditions and, although they didn't recognize him, he feels an enormous desire to help them have better living conditions.

Since then, after much struggle, he has managed to get his parents access to water and electricity. For João, although his parents have never helped him, they will never stop being his parents and he will always help them, in this case his mother. It is not easy to live in these conditions and at this moment João is already providing support with food, affection and assiduous presence so that they can nourish a family relationship that was once lost.

João was once a federated athlete , in memory of the kilometers that his great-grandmother traveled just to see him. Nowadays, he works in a school with children, possibly he gained a taste for this job due to his past in the institution.

There is always someone who makes a difference in the lives of all of us and João wants to make a difference in his mother's life, since, unfortunately, in his father's life, it was not in time.

We also want to make a difference in João's life and we ask for everyone's help! A little bit of each will make a huge difference.

About the author

WeFind4U, a real estate company with elements in its staff with friendly connections to João, decided to be an integral and motivating part of his mission. Give decent conditions to your parents.

WeFind4U was created with the aim of filling an existing gap in our real estate market, to provide a professional and dedicated service to all people who are thinking of buying, exchanging or selling a house and meeting their real needs.

Providing a quality service whatever your need is our mission.

Our vision is to be the first choice of buyers in the decision to buy a home.

The strong relationship we establish with our customers is already recognized by all those who have had the privilege of working with us.

Budget and due dates

Budget Work: €43,000

Start of the work after award and when we get the necessary value. The work will last for 90 days.

Budget for home appliances: 2500€

Budget for some furniture: 2500€


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