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Itachi is an 8 year old, very sweet and affectionate labrador who is fighting for his life after having an accident. Itachi is a true warrior 🥷.

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Itachi is an 8 year old, very sweet and affectionate labrador who is fighting for his life after having an accident. Itachi is a true warrior 🥷.

We do not know what led this trained puppy and even a little fearful to jump over a wall, nor do we know how he got the strength to survive a fall of 10 meters. Itachi did not break a single bone, however the internal damage was quite severe and the consequences were still unknown. The itachi is a true warrior and has been fighting for life for more than a week, with air and blood leaking from his lungs and several cardiac arrests. Right now Itachi is stable and excited, reacting to our parties and voices. Itachi will soon have to be transported to Porto to perform a TAC (+ € 590) so that internal damage can be understood. At the moment, the costs of hospitalization and exams have already exceeded 3,000 €. Itachi is a member of the family and we will do everything to keep him with us! And so we ask for your help ... We don't know what expenses await us, but we believe that our warrior will survive!

About the author

My name is Patrícia Barbosa and I am the mother of the Itachi warrior. I am a hairdresser and like many workers, I have been trying to endure these months of confinement with all the savings that I have been able to collect until then. On March 9, 2021, the day after his birthday, Itachi and I took one of our usual walks along the banks of the Cávado River in Barcelos. Unfortunately, the usual tour turned into a horror movie, because out of nowhere, Itachi jumped off the medieval bridge, suffering a fall of 10 meters, falling on a cement walkway. Itachi's accident came to shake the whole family, however we will do everything to make him quickly return to us. At this time we ask for your help to pay for medical expenses. We know that the pandemic situation has shaken everyone's life, so we are grateful for any amount you can spend to help Itachi. Thank you 🙏.

Budget and due dates

At this moment we received the news that Itachi will be transported to Porto so that a TAC (590 €) can be made and the damage and sequelae can be reassessed. We know that we will have increased costs after the procedure, between travel, material, medication and physiotherapy, but at this moment it is impossible for us to predict values. At the moment we have already spent around 3,000 € and according to medical information, we believe that this amount will be quickly exceeded.

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