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The road belongs to us all

Our adapted vehicles travel daily throughout the entire district of Beja, allowing young and adults to use our services as well as to travel and take their place in the surround...

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Our adapted vehicles travel daily throughout the entire district of Beja, allowing young and adults to use our services as well as to travel and take their place in the surrounding community, contributing not only to their health and well-being but also towards their social inclusion.

Centro de Paralisia Cerebral de Beja (Center dedicated to support people that suffer from Cerebral Palsy located in Beja) has the mission to enable, rehabilitate and care for people with disabilities as well as their families in the areas of health, education, social and socio-professional action. This mission primary pillars are hold by seven  main services. : Center for Occupational Activities , Special Education School, Early Intervention, Ambulatory, Resource Center for Inclusion, Residential Home and Vocational Training.

One of the most important services in our Institution provides is transportation! Adapted vehicles travel daily to various locations in the municipality of Beja, allowing young people / adults with reduced mobility to attend the Institution, enjoy our services and move around in the surrounding community, contributing to their health, well-being and social inclusion .

Currently we have 5 adapted vans, accumulating already a huge number of kms (we travel 700Km / day, 15,000 Km / month, 170,000 Km / year). Two of them are 15 years old and are in a state of adavaced degradadtion caused by the wear and tear of everyday use. At this moment, we need € 5,500 (out of a total of € 75,000) to achieve one of our main objectives. The harsh reality is that in the short term, if we aren´t able to purchase this new equipment, the movement and the medical and social needs of our patients are at risk because their physical condition does not allow them to access any another type of transport that is not adapted to them.

Considering this situation...

Ida ao Estádio da Luz

About the author

CPCB is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity (IPSS) that was born in the year 1982. It was only from 1993 onwards that  CPCB began to operate in its own facilities built from scratch, on space given by  the Municipality of Beja, in order to adequately meet all its patients  needs

CPCB has always based its policy on achieving excellence in providing services to its patients.

Immediately, it began to expand its activities. It started with Early Intervention; Physiotherapy support, Occupational Therapy, Psychology; Recreation and Sports; Social service; In-home Support; Center for Occupational Activities and Vocational Training, next it also developed a Special Education Needs School and began the procedures for the future building of a Residential Home.

In 1994, the CPCB enrolled 629 children and youths, about one third had Cerebral Palsy or Multideficiency, in the districts of Beja, Évora and Setúbal, who regularly visited the institution's facilities.

Since then, the aforementioned therapies and therapeutic supports have continued to work to support children and young people in the region.

Currently, the mission of  CPCB is to work on the fields of Prevention, Empowerment and Rehabilitation of children, youth, adults and their families, with neuromotor related problems or other in the areas of Health, Therapeutics, Education, Social Action and Socioprofessional as a safe and well equipped place where the community can look for much neede help and answers.

CPCB nos jardins da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

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