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Noble Support to Beira - Mozambique

Beira in Mozambique has been hit by cyclones for the past 2 years. This campaign supports a sustainable project that employs 20 Mozambicans and will help 2 charities with agricu...

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Beira in Mozambique has been hit by cyclones for the past 2 years. This campaign supports a sustainable project that employs 20 Mozambicans and will help 2 charities with agricultural production resumed.

In March 2019 there was a strong cyclone IDAI that was widely reported in the news and with a lot of destruction of agricultural and livestock facilities for example.

Now on Jan. 23, there was another cyclone called Eloise, also with heavy destruction. People and entrepreneurs in Beira who did not have access to any institutional support are helpless and discouraged, as is the case with Quinta Inhamizua for agricultural and livestock production. This farm has 20 Mozambican workers at risk of losing jobs and invests in the agricultural production of vegetables, rabbits, pigs, goat and cow milk, etc.

The aim of this campaign is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of degraded infrastructures and to restore the number of animals that have been lost and to resume food production that supplies the market in the city of Beira. To reinforce the social commitment Quinta Inhamizua is also committed to donating 10% of production to 2 charities in the city: SOS Children's Village and Santo Egídio Community.

Help us to help!

About the author

My name is Raul Paiva and I have been a resident in Mozambique since 2003, I lived and worked in Beira between 2008 and 2012. I have a family there even though they are also in this difficult and discouraging situation.

People in Beira are very resilient and even after the misfortune that Cyclone Idai was in 2019, they invested in reconstruction with their own means, however now adding to the Covid19 challenge started in 2020, now comes a new cyclone season with more destruction as it was case of Cyclone Eloise that struck the city again on 23Jan.

So with this campaign I want to have a way for friends and acquaintances to help in any way and as they can in order to keep their jobs and also help 2 charity institutions in the city of Beira.

Budget and due dates

Any support is welcome for this Just Cause and it would be good to have at least 5,000 Euros within 30 days.

This value will be used mainly for construction materials such as wooden bars and zinc sheets to cover animal parks and resume animal reproduction in order to have a herd that guarantees the production of meat and milk. Some walls with blocks and cement will also have to be replaced and resistance to possible new cyclones will be reinforced. For reference we consider that the cost of 1 beam and a 3.60m sheet costs about 24 euros and a bag of cement 5 euros.

If the campaign is successful and the funds are obtained in 30 days, the reconstruction can be done within 2 months and with another 3 months to have the agricultural production resumed in full.

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