Ana Leticia Precisa De Sua Ajuda
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Ana Leticia Precisa De Sua Ajuda

Helps Ana Leticia to live! We need your to Help!

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Helps Ana Leticia to live! We need your to Help!

Ana Leticia is only 23 years old and is the mother of two children Douglas Junior, 2 years old and Miguel, who is 4 months old. She has had health problems with kidneys failure since Miguel was born. She is currently receiving medical treatment at the Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca Hospital in Lisbon, where she has had several hospitalizations. Doctor Fernando Domingues said that one of Ana Leticia's kidneys completely stopped working and the other is working just  20% of its capacity. Ana Leticia will start dialysis treatment very soon.

Unfortunately, Ana Leticia's name will only be added to Portugal's transplant list only when her kidney function drops to 10% of its capacity.

In the meantime she needs financial help so that she can pay for the treatment expenses such as medication, transport to the hospital and from the hospital home for her dialysis treatment and expenses for food, income and the payment of a babysitter to stay with the children when she is in the hospital.

Douglas, Ana Leticia's husband is desperate. He works as a self-employed person, and his profession is Hairdresser, but as they have no one to take care of the children while he is at work, he has found it extremely difficult to get money to pay for the expenses of the house or babysitter to stay with the kids during his working hours. 

About the author

Douglas and Ana Leticia have been together for 10 years. He has been the provider of the house since the beginning of their relationship. However, with the birth of his second child and the complications in Ana Letícia's health, expenses increased a lot and he has not been able to work because he has no one to leave the children with so he can go to work. This has greatly increased the family's stress. They have not had any help from the government and are finding it very difficult to pay for all the basic family expenses.

Budget and due dates

The initial objective is to raise enough money to cover the first 3 months of Ana Leticia's treatment, where basic expenses such as housing, food, child care and medication (in Portugal, medications are not free) were covered. After the first 3 months we will analyze and see if it will be necessary to extend this campaign a few more months.


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    Que Deus mude o quadro da sua história e você venha cantar o hino da vitória em nome de Jesus

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