Children's Activity 2019
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Children's Activity 2019

Fundraising for Children's Activity, where the Leos of Portugal bring more than 70 children from institutions or disadvantaged families, from North to South of Portugal to spend...

Fundraising for Children's Activity, where the Leos of Portugal bring more than 70 children from institutions or disadvantaged families, from North to South of Portugal to spend a different weekend with lots of fun, laughter and learning.

"Children's Activity" is a weekend-long activity aimed at providing a playful and pedagogical experience linked to nature, fun and the development of socio-emotional competences, whose target audience are children of the 5 at the age of 12, coming from institutions or families in need, from all over the country.

With a diversified, playful and pedagogical program with games, dynamics, paint warfare, plastic expression, theater, cinema and tree planting, the Leos of Portugal aim to provide a unique experience in the life of these small " large "human beings, as well as bet on ecological and financial sustainability. It is to emphasize the needy reality of these children, which turns this occasion into something special in their lives. Throughout these years Leos have taken about 70 disadvantaged children to a place where they are allowed to dream and feel protected and where, throughout the weekend, everything revolves around their well-being, learning and fun.

This year, the Activity will take place from May 24 to 26, with the theme "Odyssey in Space". This theme aims to sensitize its participants and partners to the importance of the dream, and to "think beyond" what is visible. In this way, we intend to invite those involved in a Odyssey through the outer space and the Space of the dreams, using the pedagogical and playful aspect that mark the potential that this year the Activity encompasses, surrounded by laughs, smiles, hugs, friendship and bonding for life.

Are you ready to embark on this adventure with us?



About the author

Leonism is a movement of social solidarity, without religious affiliation or political, composed by young people of the 12 to 30 years. This movement was born within the International Association of Lions Clubs and adopted its Objectives and Code of Ethics.
Leos are organized by clubs according to geographic area, which in turn group into districts, giving the Leo's world a unique dimension, with total absence of political or national borders. In Portugal there is only one district, which groups all the clubs, denominated "Multiple District 115". Its activities extend to all areas of social solidarity. Here are some examples:


  • National Activities: Leo Form, National Conferences, BootCamp, Children's Activity;
  • The "Helping to Learn" Campaign, which consists of collecting school material in hypermarkets annually to give children who do not have the possibility and support to study them;
  • Environmental clean-up actions, sensibilization and support to kennels and gatis- Leo4Green;
  • Actions to support the homeless;
  • Play and pedagogical activities with children and the elderly;
  • Initiatives to support community needs and development;
  • Free Hugs Activity under the Free Hugs initiative;
  • Fundraising for various causes
  • Formations for volunteering, active citizenship, leadership, social innovation, etc.
  • The Bag Campaign: activity of gathering food, clothing, books, toys, etc. with the purpose of supporting the most disadvantaged with these goods.

Leos also organizes other activities, from disease screenings (diabetes and vision) to visits to the Home for the Elderly, and all possible ways to support the community.

In Portugal there are about 260 Leos, grouped in 24 clubs, from North to South of the country. Globally, the Leo movement exists in more than 140 countries, with about 160,000 young people in more than 5,000 clubs around the world. In common, the desire to help those who need it the most, the desire for a better world, and a motto: "We Serve."



Budget and due dates

The objective of this campaign is to raise funds that allow the participation of at least 70 children (average annual number) in the Activity of Children. Each entry has a cost of € 50, which covers:

Meals: Friday Dinner, Saturday Lunch, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Lunch, Saturday and Sunday Breakfast, Packed Lunches;
Lodging at Quinta da Fonte Quente (Hotel Branco) from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday;
Acess to all the program.
Note: Children's transportation financing (usually a bus that brings children and clubs from the North, and a second bus that brings children and clubs from the South) are not included in this campaign.

We then reached a budget of € 3,500 for children's enrollment, as well as € 400 for the payment of the PPL Platform fees, for a total of € 3,900

We need to know in a timely manner if we can count on support for the financing of the participating children, so we outline the deadline for the campaign April 15, 2019, and the Activity will be from May 24 to 26.

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