Archisave - Protect your digital legacy

Archisave - Protect your digital legacy

Archisave's purpose is it to bring the inheritance process to the digital age and to provide a secure, automated and complete solution for all your assets.

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Archisave's purpose is it to bring the inheritance process to the digital age and to provide a secure, automated and complete solution for all your assets.

Problem description

The digital revolution created a wide array of possibilities for everyone to invest their money in many forms without any geographical constraints. Nowadays, the average person in Europe owns around 90 online accounts on various platforms. Whilst the rise of this new asset class makes the life of many people easier, the inheritance process still hasn’t changed for decades.

Within the traditional inheritance process, the possibilities to transmit digital assets are limited. This implies the risk that digital assets will be lost irreversibly, accounting for billions of dollars worldwide. Especially assets such as online bank accounts, crypto funds, stocks or emotional content like pictures, videos or even music.

If one’s digital assets are stored exclusively in e-wallets, hardware or other storage solutions with changing passwords and low transparency; what happens to those assets when someone passes away? Can they make sure, that essential information about these assets is transmitted to their desired loved ones?

In most cases, the lack of appropriate solutions simply leads to a loss of their digital assets and emotional content. The future generations will never benefit from what you had created throughout your lifespan.



To bring the inheritance process to the digital age, Archisave is building an infrastructure to ensure the secure transmission for everyone, from everywhere in the world, at all time in the most secure and efficient way.

To ensure the maximum of security and confidentiality, this transmission process is based on the blockchain technology, using smart contracts. This ensures the execution of your desired distribution at any defined event, without relying on intermediaries.

Key Benefits:

• Maximum of security and confidentiality due to blockchain technology using smart contracts

• Incorruptible and not relying on intermediaries

• Automized process through execution trigger of smart contracts

• Cheap, efficient and flexible

• Reliable and state-of-the-art technology for your assets

How it works

We at Archisave will build an easily handable solution for everyone.

A user can start by collecting and storing its digital assets in the Archisave database, which will be built based on AWS Blockchain technology to ensure a maximum of security.

Then, the user determines the triggering event (e.g. death or 18th birthday of son/daughter) and to whom the digital assets will be distributed. This happens fully automated through an implemented smart contract. Once this event is verified, the desired action plan for the digital assets will be executed without any inefficiencies and at highest confidentiality levels.

The verification is approved either if the defined date is reached or by trustees validating the event (e.g. for the matter of death).

About the author

Why us?

We are a highly motivated team, combining the relevant competencies to bring that idea to life.

Cedric Horstmann

With a fascination for dynamic and high growth-markets, Cedric has spent his entire professional career in entrepreneurial environments, including a venture capital firm, two company builders and start-ups. He has strong communication abilities and a passion for building and implementing market strategies. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree with a specialization in strategy and entrepreneurship in Lisbon.

Corey Ellis

Due to studies in Germany, Thailand and Portugal, his bachelor’s degree in International Management and further experiences in several startups, Corey has a highly international profile which helps to understand and adapt to different market circumstances in no time. He loves to work in teams and thus gives his fullest commitment to ensure a positive outcome in the project. Corey had worked previously as a Business Development Manager at two startups in Hamburg and Cologne. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree with a specialization in Management strategies and Entrepreneurship at Católica University of Business and Economics in Lisbon.

Hans Hosenfeld

Due to its technical skillset, Hans will take the lead for Product Development. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the prestigious Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) and is currently adding a Masters degree in Management at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Throughout his professional experiences at Siemens and within consulting projects, he could gain deep insights into various digitization projects of many sizes.

Tommaso Maria Bellentani

Tommaso holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University and he is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Management with Specialization in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics.

Budget and due dates

Road Map

As for our Road Map, the first phase „Prototyping“ is going to be about developing our advanced prototype (Minimum Viable Product), which is viable to test the customer experience and possible bugs. This Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be set up in a structure to be easily expandable with blockchain technology. Thus, ensuring that once the customer journey is optimized, the final product development can be started.

Once reached the milestone of 500 free trial subscribers and having the prototype developed, we will actively engage a sample of our customer segment plus potential beta-testers from the community. This is followed by implementing the customer feedback, constantly improving our product and setting the fundament for the actual product development with highest security standards.

From next year on, the final product will be developed with external support, as well as focusing on proofing our high security standards by collaborating with cyber security experts and then certify our infrastructure. Those activities will be companied by constant marketing to further enlarge our customer base for the product launch by April 2020.

Once the product is launched, we will need to hold/hire IT talents in order to maintain and improve our service. Furthermore, we will start growing beyond the Portuguese borders into the European market.

Costs and money usage

Our main focus for the money raised is the development of the advanced prototype in order to generate further proof of concept and customer feedback. Consequently, the majority of the entire money raised will be used to create a sophisticated Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is important to understand that 800€ is feasible but tight in the sense of covering the development costs. Each additional Euro will help us to improve the prototype and generate more detailed market feedback.

If we can reach our first stretch goal of at least 1500€, we will also deploy partnerships in the legal and B2B area in order to leverage our offering. Please find the detailed listing of the money usage below:

1000 €


Development of advanced prototype

800 €

Operational costs (Domain, office costs, etc.)

125 €

Fee for PPL


1500 €


Development of advanced prototype

1162,5 €

Deployment of partnerships (marketing material, meetings, etc.)

100 €

Operational costs (Domain, office costs, etc.)

125 €

Fee for PPL

112,5 €

2000 €


Development of advanced prototype

1525 €

Deployment of partnerships (marketing material, meetings, etc.)

250 €

Operational costs (Domain, office costs, etc.)

125 €

Fee for PPL

150 €

We need your help!

We assumed the full risk of founding Archisave with no investment or capital. We have bootstrapped entirely with our own resources until now. This campaign is helping us achieve a major milestone in creating a deployable product. More importantly, your contribution is positioning us on the market where we can have a real impact.

However, we also know that hidden obstacles and challenges often occur. Because of that, we’ve made sure to account for some amount of craziness or unforeseen problems that may occur in our schedule. If something does go wrong, we promise to keep you updated and communicate honestly about any issues and the way in which we are solving them.

Any pledge amount brings us one step closer to our goal. Help us bring this product to life by donating to our cause, or by helping us spread the word by sharing our page.

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On more CHANCE to becoming our Hero with only a small donation! :) THE LAST HOUR of our campaign is on the clock! So get out your "MBWAY", "Paypals" and "Credit cards" ...

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  • Cedric Horstmann

    On more CHANCE to becoming

    On more CHANCE to becoming our Hero with only a small donation! :)

    THE LAST HOUR of our campaign is on the clock!

    So get out your "MBWAY", "Paypals" and "Credit cards" and help us TODAY to protect your heritage! :)

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