We have already filmed most of the feature film ARRABALDE. There is only one scene left to finish it's shooting and finishing touches, ie post production. In that sense we need ...

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We have already filmed most of the feature film ARRABALDE. There is only one scene left to finish it's shooting and finishing touches, ie post production. In that sense we need funds and so we stumbled upon the PPL.

This campaign serves to bridge the work of creating a first feature film that has been filmed over the last 4 years. There is already material that makes up an hour and a half of film, which could be a poem, that could be a letter, which will necessarily be an identity card.

It is intended as a gesture of observation of the world around, the world I know and uses various filming formats (handycam, 4k and 16mm film); various narrative styles (Roadmovie, Thriller, Author Cinema) and an organized set of connections to provide the viewer with a sincere and comprehensive experience. It is sometimes difficult to explain the film but the truth is that the ideas and concepts it focuses on are very present in the work.

It's about city life and the twists and turns we have to take to accommodate what happens in this violent civilization. It is about the non-place where those who avoid or are unable to follow city protocols and rules apply. It uses Lisbon as a background but the problems shown can be transported to any western city.

Right now there is just a scene to play in mid-December where the actors and crew have to be fed!

Also missing is the finalization of the entire movie where we are mainly talking about video editing, image coloring, soundtrack recording and other things that are part of the post production of a movie and have expenses.

The film is called ARRABALDE and its motto is "replace survival with life". Help us finish it!

About the author

I write from poems, books, plays, essays, ramblings and sometimes even songs since adolescence and I am an actor as a result of this creative will that comes out of the paper and looms over my body, transforming myself into other bodies, integrating other stories. I am also a filmmaker because it is in this meeting of wanting to write, and living what I write that this challenge of three-dimensionalizing the imagination takes place. I have been making movies since I was 18 years old in an attempt to graduate by doing rather than stagnant and gross learning that sometimes takes place in film schools. I made several short films that dealt with various subjects and existed within different universes. I let myself be infected by the life I was living and the many realities and people I came to know. I took a 19-year-old audiovisual course where creative rampaging took place absolutely and days went back from a project that was more urgent than sleeping or eating. I took drama courses where I wanted to develop this understanding of what it is to be "other" and open spaces in my consciousness to empathize with the world and free myself from worldly logic of living. I went to the Lisbon Theater and Cinema Conservatory, in the theater department and graduated a bit more as a performing artist and in the second year I made a short film "Tunnel of Babel" with my friend and colleague Hugo Rodrigues who also accompanies me in this feature. It was a film about the company, about the recovery of durable and expanded companionship spaces in a world increasingly transported to the screens. We showed the movie at Culturgest after asking then-Director Miguel Lobo Antunes to screen on a calendar hole they had that month. The room was filled with 250 people and it was the most excruciating and anxious 23 minutes of my life, watching a movie of mine next to an audience, in the end the clapping sounded and I sentimentally thanked them and said I would leave for Erasmus in England in 3 days. There I wrote a feature from this short, an epic gesture that can only be done in a long time.

In the last year of college I worked as an actor with Pedro Penim and José Maria Viera Mendes in a play, an original text that would open my brain or condemn me to pragmatism. From this experience I made a theatrical solo called "Diagona"l where I gave a short demonstration of each type of creation covered in my creative universe and asked the question "where is my space?" It was around this time that I met Martim Guerreiro, a very special person with whom I began the adventure of shooting this feature film.

I feel it is important and could serve many. That it cannot be trapped or hidden, unfinished or forgotten. It is the gathering of the fundamental work of one who privileges his art above his life, but life in general over art.

Budget and due dates

Last Day's Shooting, sometime in the first two weeks of December:

500 € Food for the Technical and Artistic Team

250 € Material Hire

1000 € Remuneration of the Technical and Artistic Team

Post Production from the moment the scene is shot, still in December until the end of January, or until February:

500 € Postproduction studio rental

1000 € Remuneration of various people working on the various tasks of image, montage, color, sound, music, graphic design and so on.

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    An invitation

    Everyone who participates in this tier, and above, is invited to a private movie session upon its completion that is intended for the technical and artistic staff only.

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    A draw

    I will make a custom drawing for each person who contributes this amount.

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    A photograph of choice signed by the actor contemplated in it

    I will offer a few options of pictures depending on the person pictured in the photograph, they shall have it autographed.

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  • Poster

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    A poster signed by the 5 people most present in the project development

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    Concept Art Booklet

    A little booklet signed with all the drawings that were made to conceive the different scenes of the movie.

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