23rd World Scout Jamboree
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23rd World Scout Jamboree

Participate in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

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Participate in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan.

In the first week of August 2015 the World Scout fraternity will hold another meeting in Japan. This meeting will hold activities for young people up to 17 years old. I, Rui Valdemar Silva Santos, and my fellow Scout, Ana Catarina Martins, never had the opportunity to partecipate in such meetings, we wanted to serve in these project. We are already of age (21 and 20) and therefore can not partecipate in the activity, but we can serve the same, so that younger scouts may enjoy it.

We need to pay for the flight and enrollment in the activity in the services area. 

Predicted costs: 3.200euros for two people. We ask the community to help us in half. Our thanks for the time it took to read this post. 

We promise to make a video of the activity and share with the community that support us. 

Canhota (portuguese name for the Scouts hand shake) of your brethren scouts from Portugal. 

Rui Santos and Ana Martins


About the author

Rui Valdemar Silva Santos: Scout (from 242-Paço de Arcos- Lisbon), student of Economics at Católiaca Lisbon School, participant of the portfolio of Social Action Association of Students of the University

Ana Catarina Martins: Scout, student management in Católiaca Lisbon School, chief of the portfolio of Social Action Association of Students of the University


Budget and due dates

We have to pay the flight and the registration: The registration on the activity has a value 90000-105000 YEN per element, depending on the mode of payment, to which is added a fee contingent FEP - Scout Federation of Portugal worth € 50.00, also by element. Flight: (+/-)800 euros. Thus costs are around EUR 1600 per person. We are facing a cost of 3200 euros, which we ask support for half.
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    We will make a video of the activity and send to anyone who made it possible.

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    Name on T-Shirt

    We will use a t-shirt with the name of the Project and the people who help us make this amaising scout trip.

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    Scout Object

    We will make some objects in the field with scouts technics and send to the biggest helpers. Delivery by mail included for Portugal. Objects can vary greatly depending on the activity. These can be: cork washers, node framed, digital photographic repertoire, portfolio of plants found, among others.

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