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Project "Viver Novamente"

Suffering severe brain damage is unexpected, requiring the reconstruction of a new person. It is possible to progress with joy, courage and strength in this project, where you e...

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Suffering severe brain damage is unexpected, requiring the reconstruction of a new person. It is possible to progress with joy, courage and strength in this project, where you evolve into a more active and happier person in society.

A saved life must be lived! Did you know that 275,000 people live with brain damage acquired in Portugal?

The goal is to continue the successful 2019 project. With your help, the “Viver novamente” project can be continued for another year and has a frequency of three days a week , with various activities: Cultural Visits, Classes of adapted golf; Adapted Sailing Lessons; Adapted Tennis Lessons; Hippotherapy; Workshops; Lectures among others.

With Living Again we want to focus on three goals :

1. Provide people with acquired brain damage with experiences of rebuilding an active life, with activities appropriate to their type of interests;

2. Foster skills of social integration, self-confidence, proactivity, autonomy and improve their quality of life;

3. Combat caregiver burnout of people with acquired brain damage.

PS - Even if the goal of the total funds defined here is not achieved, it is possible that the Association will keep a donated part of the money, exclusively to work on this project even if on a smaller scale. To do this, we ask that when you make your donation choose the option "I wish to donate the value to this promoter even if the campaign does not raise all the funds" .

These learnings work miracles in cognitive stimulation. Leaving the isolation of the home makes them more sociable and combats depression. Living with others who have also suffered brain damage, always coordinated by professionals from the Association Again, makes them recover courage, feel comforted, recover a reason and desire to live and want to rebuild, recognizing and loving each other in life. new person they have become.

It is crucial to love one another again, to reintegrate into society, but without such help as these projects have been implemented in Again, it would not have been possible for most brain damage survivors to improve. The Association Again is the only association that supports the brain-damaged person and family.

We want to repeat this success and we need your help!

About the author

Novamente was created by parents, doctors and friends of people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) with the mission of supporting the victims of severe head injuries and their families. It is the only institution in Portugal to exclusively support people with moderate to severe TBI. It operates at national level and is 100% private, without state support.

The Association is committed to raising awareness among society at large so that it has a better understanding and acceptance of these cases. The greatest damage that the ECA causes is the difficulty of returning to a new life, as a different person, who often has to look for. insert yourself in a new medium of friends, goals and future expectations. The Association also works on prevention, as most cases of TBI result from road accidents.

Budget and due dates


The total goal to be raised is 16,000 €. This value will be used as follows and with the following schedule:

- Activities - 12%

- Transport - 38%

- Human Resources - 40%

- Insurance - 5%

- PPL commission - 5%



- February 17, 2020 - Beginning of the “Viver novamente” Project

- July 17th to September 13th - Summer Holidays

- 14 September to 18 December 2020 - Restart and End

Location: Cascais

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