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Moreira Team - Social Project

More than a kickboxing team, "Moreira Team Kickboxing" is a project that aims social inclusion and support in regard of school performance of children and young people from disa...

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More than a kickboxing team, "Moreira Team Kickboxing" is a project that aims social inclusion and support in regard of school performance of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

My name is Elson Moreira and I used to belong to a kickboxing team called "Cacém fitness". It´s leaders, "Master Inocência Ramos and Master Vasco Moreira", passed on great knowledge and experience to me.

Now I present to you the "Moreira Team" Kickboxing. For those who do not know, this is a team that started off in October 2013 and became a social project that has as its mission, the social integration and school monitoring of children and young people, through the practice of kickboxing.

I got personally involved in this project and we have achieved several accomplishments along the way in terms of personal and sports growth!!

I focused on transmitting to each athlete and pupil that comes to the class that they can be self-sufficient, they can be leadres! I have been able to build a structure, a family within this team and project!!

For those who do not know, kickboxing is more than a martial art. It teaches one to have discipline, respect and self-control, besides of also improving physical condition. However, financial difficulties arise. I  have some athletes who, for personal reasons, have no possibility to buy material !!!

Kickboxing is a safe sport. However, in competition, and in order to minimize the risk of injury, each competitor is required to wear protections on the feet, head, chin, mouth (mouthpiece), hands (gloves and bandages) and chest, for women. We are also in need of support for the travel, food and stay of the athletes for participation in tournaments.

Fortunately the number of participants has been increasing greatly, wich is a sign of success and also shows the value and importance that the community of "Bairro do Alto da Loba"  gives to this project. This project belongs to all those who  believe in the potential of our children and young people!

We were able to achieve the federation of certain athletes and that is a victory! This is very important as it allows them to compete and participate in championships which is fundamental for their motivation.

Nonetheless, in order for us to be able to participate, we need your support! The smallest contribution, even if of 1€, is important!

The amount to be raised already includes the 5% commission for PPL + VAT.

On behalf of the "Moreira Team" Kickboxing , I thank all of those who support us and in advance, any help you can provide  us to continue this project.

We promise to do everything to live up to your expectations and more!

Best Regards,

Elson Moreira

About the author

Elson Moreira - Social and Sports animator of young children, National Kickboxing champion in Light Kick mode (2010),National Kickboxing champion in K1 (2012), Kickboxing runner-up in Low Kick (2011) and considered "Athlete of the Year" in 2010 by the Lisbon Kickboxing Association.

Born and raised in the Bairro Alto da Loba community where he is seen as a role model. Respected and recognized for his career and life journey in professional and social terms. Due to his dynamics and proactivity, he proposed to the Community Center of Alto da Loba (CCAL) to develop a project based on sports activity, specifically kickboxing

Budget and due dates

Medical examinations - 150€

Sports equipment - 1000€

Sports federations - 1000€

Enrollment in kickboxing championships - €180

Logistics for participation in championships (transport, stay, technical support) - 1760 €

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    Missão dada é missão cumprida

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    grande projeto. forca!

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    Força Moreira Team - mudem vidas !

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    Muitos Parabéns! São projectos destes que valem a pena e que fazem a diferença na vida das pessoas!

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  • José Tomás Almeida

    31/12/2016 - 17:31

    A persistência e a determinação acabarão por produzir os frutos esperados, com reflexo na vida das crianças e jovens que querem ter esperança no FUTURO

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    Força !

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    Corresponde às doações da Teresa, do Leandro, da Luciane, do Francisco, do André, da Mariana e da Isabel (amigos Maria)

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    Grande Projecto! Grande na Intenção, Grande na Dedicação, Grande nos Resultados, Grande no IMPACTO SOCIAL!!! Parabéns!