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On Wheels

Help Probranca to buy a new van for transporting its users, children and elderly.

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Help Probranca to buy a new van for transporting its users, children and elderly.

Probranca supports daily more than 200 users, children and elderly, who spend with us a large part of their day. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone sees in Probranca their second home, because it is in fact the extension of their family environment.

It is Probranca who, in the morning, says "Good Morning" to many elderly people in their homes, giving the desired and anxiously awaited Domiciliary Support Service; are also the smiling faces of those who work at Probranca who return babies and children to the lap of their parents at the end of another day's work.
It is Probranca who, daily, welcomes the children to the door of the School, at the end of classes and accompanies them in activity and safety until they are collected by their parents. But Probranca is also who often accompanies the elderly to the Health Center, when relatives can not do it.
So that everything runs on wheels and Probranca is able to take care of its users, needs many means: able people, diverse material resources and vehicles, among others.
But the financial difficulties are many, essentially resulting from not having public funding for a significant part of the construction of the facility, resulting in important
banking commitments that face every month and condition the finance and the life of the institution.

And it suffers on a daily basis the effects of the difficulties of its users and families, who have seen their disposable income reduced, with an important impact on the monthly payments received for the services it provides.
Conscious of the need to provide a quality service, the management took over the purchase of a five-seater van to transport its users, which is essential every day, to
replace another vehicle that, due to age, use and number of kilometers, was no longer usable.
This acquisition was made using the bank credit because the institution does not have financial means.
We need everyone's help so that everything continues to run on wheels in this institution, to which so many trust, every day, their most precious good!
Your contribution, even if it seems small, for us will be very important!
Join us!

About the author

Probranca - Association for the Socio-Cultural Development of Branca was founded 32 years ago with the main mission of serving the people of Branca (municipality of Albergaria-a-Velha, District of Aveiro) and, in conjunction with associations and local authorities, to collaborate in the implementation of strategic development projects of the Community and to help to stimulate the growing associative movement and associations already constituted.
The institution, which took the first steps with three or four elderly people in a loaned room, is now a comprehensive entity, providing services and care to all generations. It can be said that it is a constantly growing institution employing more than 50 employees, welcomes about 150 children and about 100 elderly people a day and plays an irreplaceable role in supporting the least advantaged. It can be affirmed to be, nowadays, an institution with a significant weight in the community of Branca, and recognized as a relevant social pillar in the area of ​​the county of Albergaria-a-Velha.
In the proximity and surrounding area of ​​the Probranca Community Center area, several important Public Services are located: Health Unit, Cultural Center, Municipal Swimming Pool, Municipal Pavilion, Marching Track, Basic School 2,3 and the Municipal Stadium of Soccer. The proximity to these institutions and infrastructures facilitates the access of users of Probranca to their use and the benefits of the services provided by them, as well as access to diverse activities, making use of existing resources and integration in the surrounding environment.
In the surrounding area of ​​the Probranca facilities, users can enjoy green spaces and pedestrian zones that allow walking and hiking and multiple outdoor activities.
The work of the association is above all to CONGREGATE wills, SEE social and cultural realities (problems, strengths and weaknesses, needs and potentialities), REFLECT in depth about these same realities and to ACT with determination in the search for the common good.
Probranca has social services directed to the age groups of infancy - Kindergarten,and CATL, until the third age - Day Center and Social Center, Home Support Service (SAD). It also has the social response of Atendimento / Acompanhamento Social to the community in general.
The purpose of the association, clear and well-defined, is to "do more and better" by its users and the community in which it operates. It is an ambitious objective that is only achieved through the cooperation of leaders, associates, volunteers, users, collaborators and friends of the Institution, who have greatly contributed to its growth and expansion.

Budget and due dates

Probranca had to borrow a bank loan to acquire a new car, which cost € 14 000, which we are paying at great cost.

We need to raise as much value as possible in order to pay the credit.

Through this campaign we propose to raise 5000 € for this purpose.

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Fri, 21/06/2019 - 10:39


Bom dia, Passada a primeira semana da campanha Sobre Rodas, gostaríamos de agradecer às pessoas que já contribuíram para que possamos atingir o objetivo de angariar 5.000,00€. ...

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Sat, 15/06/2019 - 18:57

First five backers

We've gathered the first 5 backers. Hurray!

Campaign launched


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    Bom dia,
    Passada a primeira semana da campanha Sobre Rodas, gostaríamos de agradecer às pessoas que já contribuíram para que possamos atingir o objetivo de angariar 5.000,00€. Todos os apoios são importantes!
    É essencial também que continuemos a partilhar esta campanha com os nossos contactos e nas Redes sociais; contamos consigo para continuarmos "Sobre Rodas"!
    Lembramos que nos deve fazer chegar os dados para emissão do Recibo referente à sua contribuição, caso não o tenho feito anteriormente e se assim o pretender.
    Bem haja!

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