Musical Album I Message Against Domestic Violence
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Musical Album I Message Against Domestic Violence

A musical project against domestic violence under the name "NADA" is being created. The main objective is to help and reinforce the messages and to give strength to who should "...

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A musical project against domestic violence under the name "NADA" is being created. The main objective is to help and reinforce the messages and to give strength to who should "BASTA" their situation. It won't be just a CD, a song.

The Project | NOTHING | is a World Music against domestic violence album, written by Liliana Pinheiro, in which the final result has the participation of more than 5 Portuguese musicians, from various musical areas, ranging from rock to jazz. An eclectic mix of 10 songs in a unique project in Portugal. With the album in the final stages of post production, all that is needed is funding for CD production / duplication. Do you want to be part of this original project?

We are talking about an album against domestic violence, a strong message that we want to convey and because the singer has been a victim for some years the desire to pass the message makes perfect sense.

We want you to participate in this album with a motivating message to empower those in need. If you were a victim and managed to turn things around, you can participate in the fundraising by giving a donation and signing the album leaving your message, so surely we will give strength to those who need it so much.

About the author

Editing-Production I ALBUM I CREATION PROJECT Music Distribution Checklist.

The album art is still important, especially when the theme is sane as to domestic violence. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We have created the album release checklist to help you put the good vibes back on release. Here is everything you need to launch your next project more successfully. We are helping to spread this message that we consider to be little for what is happening today.

Budget and due dates

The project value is € 4,500 all inclusive. We talk about the production, distribution and promotion of the project including copyright. We want to get as far as possible, I count on your help. We finished production and other songs in February, we started the promotion in March which will have approximately 4 months of local and national Radios and Television. In this period will be placed in FNAC throughout our country to be marketed.

You can pick up your CD from our agency.

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    CD offer

    Autographed CD by artist Liliana PinheiroOpen CD, autographed by the artist, including on the CD her message of her participation to all victims of domestic violence. You can come pick up your CD at the agency or request more information by email

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    CD Participation

    CD Participation Let's create a second CD that will be placed next to the album. If you were a victim of domestic violence you can participate in the music video for "NADA" with your text message and image, telling in the first person your story of change. Let's strengthen this protection and help so many other people who need to hear a "BASTA".

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  • Victor Correia

    Contra Violência Doméstica

    Bom Dia! É um grande projecto o vosso e, desejo as maiores felicidades para o lançamento do álbum, da carreira da cantora e amiga, Liliana Pinheiro e, que todas as mulheres novas e velhas sejam respeitadas porque sem elas nada somos... muito Amor e paz para todas e todos! Espero em breve poder já contribuir! Abraços!

    Victor Correia

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  • Unimoriarty MusicaVictor Correia

    Um Gigante Obrigado

    Caro Victor Correia
    Muito obrigado pelas suas palavras, queremos de fato conseguir chegar o mais longe possível e a musica é um bom condutor. Queremos ser ouvidos e o tema em questão é sem duvida uma "ENORME" mensagem de coragem e força de mudança. Contamos com a sua partilha.

    Muito obrigado!!
    Equipa Unimoriarty

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