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Mimi at Sea - Aprender (N)o Mar

I want to participate in School at Sea 2016/2017! I want to know and learn the world aboard Regina Maris.

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I want to participate in School at Sea 2016/2017! I want to know and learn the world aboard Regina Maris.

School at Sea is a revolutionary educational project, it's motto is "You Sail, You Learn".

A group of 34 students, between 14 and 17 years old, do part of the school year aboard a 50 meters sailing vessel, Regina Maris.

Natural learning, responsability and knowledge of the world are the three strong ideas of School at Sea.

This project, organized by the dutch School at Sea Foundation, gives the students the oportunity of managing their academic lives with the exploration of various cultures and countries, aboard a sailing vessel.

The multiculturality is associated with the life aboard a ship, it's difficulties and relationships you build with other students, teachers and crew.

Regina Maris leaves The Netherlands, sails south along the european and african  line coast. After a stop in Cape Verde, the vessel crosses the Atlantic and explores the amazing caribbean sea. After Bermuda, it sails to the Azores, last stop before Amsterdam.

I not only want to be the best I can be, but I also want to do the best I can do.

I need you to set the sails and make this amazing dream come true.


Visit my website to know more about me and about School at Sea: http://caradanjoemilia.wix.com/mimiatsea.

About the author

My name is Emília, I'm 16 years old and I live in Faial Island, in the Azores.

I love to live in the Azores, however I want to broaden my horizons!

I'm in the 11th grade, in the course of Sciences and Technologies. I really like to read and to write, I love Nature and the sea. For some years I had sailing classes and a few months ago I fell in love with scuba diving what led me to taking a scuba diving course, Open Water. I'm also in windsurf classes.

Last summer I had an internship with Flying Sharks, in Porto Pim's Aquarium.

I love challenges and being involved in different projects motivates my academic life. At school, with the support of ESMA's Library, I started, six months ago, with some colleagues, an initiative with the purpose of helping younger students, it's called Grupo Arriaga.

I want to challenge myself, be part of a team, get to know myself better, I want sea, adventure, and multiculturalism. I want to know the world and to be a part of it.

Watch the movie to know more about me.

NOTE: The campaign is promoted by my mother, Andrea Cara D' Anjo

Budget and due dates

The goal of this campaign is to raise enough funds to pay one of the six monthly fees, an amount of 3612€.
Together with sponsors, both private and public, I'm trying to raise the other five monthly fees, which are necessary for me to go in this journey.
The campaign will end in the end of june, and if the goal is not totally achieved, the contributes will be returned.

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    Notifications when I arrive or leave harbors. Notification of new posts on my blog.

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    Monthly e-mail to the crew members. Postcards from places I visit.

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    Souvenirs from some harbors.

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    An album, when the trip ends, with the best moments, both pictures and posts.

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