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Washing machine

Help to buy washing machine

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Help to buy washing machine

Hello to all of you in this difficult time of life in which I along with my family, we are ca 4 at home, I am the filipe 34 years unemployed ha two years, Maria john 37 years my wife, unemployed for 5 years, Gonçalo 6 years this year spent for the 2nd year and Joao Tomas five years the cassula the house that will this year for the 1st year.

Unfortunately as we are unemployed, it is not because we want to but because the system so permits, and already are old to work and many new to the reform. but is not that what you ask for help but rather a help to buy a washing machine, or if you already have one that already use not tell us to stay with her. It is that we do not like buying because as we are unemployed, we make man work days and the cleaning lady, and repair what we earn and to cover the bills, and as Gonçalo has health problems, have to have a special power, have asthma, this all together so we struggle more and more, and as in the fourth so we can count on each other.

So I ask you this help, and I believe that I can count on you, and I promise to help me I'll fix you something that need in your house, or even clear 2 windows.

Hugs and count on you


About the author

Filipe Lima 34, Maria Joao 37, Gonçalo 6 years and Joao Tomas five years. the motivation for the Lima Family and a Washing machine for we walk to wash clothes in the bathtub because our machine broke down, then why beg you this help because when washing in the tub spend huge water and spend much water we are not saving so this precious resource and the bills of water become the highest values. We are parents who teach our children the importance of energy and waters, always try to spend indespensavel minimum.

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    Cleaning 2 Windows

    Who contribute 25€ clean two windows in your house in the Lisbon area or Sintra

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    Who contribute 30€, in the Lisbon area or Sintra. If do you a small repair in your home (change a tap, riding a lamp, hang one mobile or shelf)

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