Let's save the paw of Moon!
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Let's save the paw of Moon!

Moon broke a paw in a very complicated area and needs surgery.

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Moon broke a paw in a very complicated area and needs surgery.

Lua is a one-and-a-half year old kitten who fell from the window and broke her front paw in the joint area and needs to undergo surgery at a cost of 700€ to treat. To this surgery will be added the value of treatments, medication and hospitalization, which should be around €200.

The owner of the Moon does not have enough money for this surgery and is desperate for not being able to save her kitten from a life of pain and suffering.

Are we going to help Moon regain her paw's mobility?

About the author

My name is Eva Faria.

All my life I liked animals and decided to adopt an adult kitten, being aware of the difficulties that this would bring. It was not easy to get the Moon to adapt to domestic life and just as she was doing so she fell out of the window and broke her paw.

I always helped animal associations and now I have no money to help my cat.

All I want is for the Moon to be well and have a healthy, pain-free life.

I never thought I had to ask someone for something, but life sometimes plays tricks on us

Budget and due dates

All the money you raise will be used for the Lua operation, which will be carried out as soon as possible.

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