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Today the scourge of No - Shelter is closer to any of us and small donations ease the conscience of each one. We want to go further, and help the lives that this time we can not...

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Today the scourge of No - Shelter is closer to any of us and small donations ease the conscience of each one. We want to go further, and help the lives that this time we can not accept.

Nowadays the homeless scourge is closer to any of us and those we love, but in a society that increasingly becomes more selfish and hypocritical, simple acts or small donations ease the conscience of each one.

As Palavras Inquietas we think homeless do not only need a helping hand, who will give them a soup, a blanket or a word that does not change the future or their lives in anyway. These kind of actions momentarily solve a problem of hunger or loneliness... but in reality the human being that is in the street, has a history, a life, a black present situation where we believe we never liked to be.

We came as an alternative to fight this situation and, as we practice what we believe and fight for what we dream, we proposed to go further. And so, in addition we provide a Shelter House with all the comfort, convenience and hygiene conditions, sheltering at this moment 4 Lives. These lives that begin to be restored and that can now look to a future, are already received in job interviews, and take support and training to assured themselves to be ready to a healthy and bright future.

But we want to go furtherer, and help the lives that in this moment we cannot admit.

For it, we intend to create a space that provides several services to homeless and the poorest people of Porto city.

These services include:

- Juridic services;

- Clinical Psychology Services;

- Consulting Services;

- Social Store

All these services are available free of charge to the target population. However, we needed to revenue in order to create the jobs needed for these services.

In our Social Store, we intend to sell all clothing, toiletries and utilities that where offered, so that we can thus intervene with the needs of those most in need, offering them the chance of a dignified lifetime and appropriate conditions.

Despite all the difficulties we have presented, when we try to define ourselves, first of all, we feel an huge pride in what we do, often leaving who we love to support those in need, given that this was the cause that we have embraced and prioritized in our lives.

We are a young association, which currently has reached a quality level to our beneficiaries and we count on his support in order to continue to change the life of these people.

So, if your condition allows it, support this cause!

About the author

Palavras Inquietas is a non-governmental non-profit organization legally constituted in February 2015.

Constituted by private initiative under the direction of António João Leite and Joana Azevedo.

The association is headquartered atRua Arquiteto Cassiano Barbosa, 38E e Casa Abrigo na Rua Monte de São João Nº. 82 - Casa 1, freguesia de Paranhos - Porto.

While we are fighting for lives just since November our shelter house already has 4 sheltered lives.

Not programmed help all these lives in such a short time of existence, but we can not turn our backs to the difficulties that have been presented.

We work on a voluntary basis and subsist mainly on anonymous private donations, friends and companies that support this cause.

Our social goal is Transforming Lives, We practice what we believe and We fight for what we dream!

Budget and due dates

Although we already have sheltered some individuals in our rented House, initially our project contemplated just 2 lives, we could not remain indifferent to various concerns and even without resources, we have sheltered 4 lives.
The association's expenses are huge, fled wildly from our forecasts, and chances are now we have approximately 5,500.00€, including rent, overheads, organization, clothes, cleaning, maintenance, among others.
The only livelihood we have are private donations or businesses. We have no social support.

We intend to raise the value of 3,750.00€ (three thousand seven hundred and fifty euros) which is intended to:

- 1,000.00€ (Rent and Deposit)

- 1,000.00€ (rehabilitation work, We were offered the hand of Work)

- 1750.00€ (furniture and equipment).

We need to raise this value until the day 05 June.

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