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Kalandula - Help us to paint

Raising funds for the reconstruction of the convent of the Missionary Sisters of the Rosary, in Malange, Angola. Help us to paint.

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Raising funds for the reconstruction of the convent of the Missionary Sisters of the Rosary, in Malange, Angola. Help us to paint.

The Rosary of the Dominican missionaries residing in Malanje - Angola, requesting help to repair their residence which has deteriorated over the years and especially during the war that ravaged our country.

 This religious community lies in Malanje since the year 1978.

 The Community has the priority to the formation of future religious coming from distant places of the interior and that parents have no chance of making academic training. In moimento welcome about 70 sisters. In addition to this priority also dedicated to evangelization in all its dimensions: Catechesis, Youth Ministry and family support to disadvantaged families.

 The community lives only the salary of a sister nurse and around 500€  board of another sister, who receives in Portugal, where it is difficult to amass the repairation of the house.

 We want to help.

 The Company Enorte already built the roof, but to have conditions that enable them to live in a dignified manner, still need, beyond what has already been done:

Exterior painting and interior, tiles in bath houses, doors and false ceiling.

 This campaign aims to collect funds for the exterior and interior painting.

 We offer many rewards to offer the delivery for Portugal.

 Thank you for your time,


About the author

Ana Isabel Pires Trigacheiro.

Teacher of Informatics and computers, and Director of Audiovisual Professional Course.

Coordinator of youth group S.Brás parish. PhD in Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Lisbon.

I embraced this project with my students, so that they can complete the work of Kalandula convent in Malange this year.

After a visit to Malange, with sister Maria Judith, I was quite touched by the conditions of space in living these sisters and future mission (about 70) in the convent. The Enorte Company, expressed willingness in recostruir the convent. For this offered the roof, ramps for the disabled and new electrical installation. However, for the work is uncompleted. Stills missimg the false ceiling, floor, doors, paint, bathroom and kitchen.

I try to raise awareness among my students to social and humanitarian causes. Once connected directly to audiovisual and multimedia advise them, always to leave a little bit of your busy time to causes in this area.

Budget and due dates


November 30, 2016


 Rewards for about 485 donations: € 318

 Commission for PPL Team (with VAT): € 150

 Graphic work: 40 €

 Work budget:

 Interior and exterior painting: 3500 €

 In detail:

 Exterior paint: 2000 €

 Interior paint: 1000 €

 Workforce: 500 €

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    Medal commemorative of mercy year.

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    Chaplet of Our Lady of the Rosary

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    Cord with wooden cross of Jesus

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    Crucifix Wall

    Crucifix Wall 13.5cm X 7CM.

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