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Iron For Dementia

Iron For Dementia The aging process is a phenomenon marked by specific biopsychosocial changes, associated with the passage of time, characterized by a decrease in organic fu...

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Iron For Dementia The aging process is a phenomenon marked by specific biopsychosocial changes, associated with the passage of time, characterized by a decrease in organic fu...

Iron For Dementia

The aging process is a phenomenon marked by specific biopsychosocial changes, associated with the passage of time, characterized by a decrease in organic functions, which causes several changes throughout the body, leading to a reduction in the individual's functional capacity.

It is a universal and multidimensional process. After all, if everything goes well, we will all get old, won't we?

Age brings immense changes. We could talk about Sarcopenia, but it is also important to talk about the brain, a person's cognitive ability. Aging does not mean that we have to get sick. We can have healthy and active aging, insofar as it is possible and possible for us. Dementia is an abnormal cause of aging and, just as our body loses function, so does the brain. It is important to maintain a healthy exercise routine for the brain, not forgetting that it is our great ally to live more and better.
Growing old does not have to be synonymous with being sick.

Dementia is the term used to describe the symptoms of a wide group of diseases that cause a progressive decline in a person's functioning.

It is a comprehensive term that describes memory loss, intellectual capacity, reasoning, social skills, changes in normal emotional reactions, functional capacity, among others.

Being a Sportsman, Teacher, Personal Trainer for special populations, I read and live with the idea that something more could be done. As much as my work with the people I read daily is productive, it is important to say that it is not enough.

More research is needed, more instruments, more studies and, above all, solutions. Solutions that, in Dementia, are still far from exist.
I am concerned with this daily struggle against time.

Seeing, feeling and living with these people and realizing that my contribution is small, helped me make the decision to make an IronMan for Dementia. For all those who do not give up and who have a mission, for all those who want to go further, trying to raise as much as possible for a change of course.
The fight against lack of funds, as well as the fight against disease, is inevitable. With this campaign I want to make people aware of this very current and important issue. Talking about mental health is still taboo in society and in the world. The objective of this fundraising is to direct funds to institutions and research that improve the quality of life of people as well as their caregivers.

I want to end this feeling of helplessness and inability to deal with something much bigger than us:

The dementia ...

Can I count on you?


About the author

My name is Pedro Caçote, I have a degree in Sports from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, a Master's Degree in Physical Activity for the Elderly from the Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto and a Postgraduate in Clinical Exercise and Physiology from CESPU Cooperativa de Ensino Superior Politécnico Universitário , CRL.

At this moment, I exercise functions as Professor / Technical Director of the Swimming Pool of the Parish Social Center of Vila Nova de Anha and, since always, that one of my focuses are people with special needs.

In this sense, and so that it was possible for me to develop something more with these populations, I have been developing the project “Give Sport to the Years”, which I will now present:

“Giving Sport to the Years”, translates into the desire to take the sporting area to the elderly population as well as to the population with special needs, providing them with a regulated and oriented sport practice.

Budget and due dates

The amount raised will be donated in equal installments by these institutions:

Associação Alzheimer Portugal -

Portuguese Association of Parkinson's Patients -

Hope -

PPL Commissions - At the amount raised, we will have to withdraw commissions from the PPL

Iron for Dementia will take place between the years 2020 and 2021, with tests, training and the project "Give Sport to the Years".
It will end on October 15, 2021, one week before the IronMan de Cascais.

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