Listening to life - a mission from everyone to everyone!
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Listening to life - a mission from everyone to everyone!

Fundraising to purchase a stethoscope for use during professional activity.

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Fundraising to purchase a stethoscope for use during professional activity.


My name is Hugo Martins Viana,

I have a degree in nursing from the Escola Superior de Saúde de Bragança. In 2016, I decided to take my life in another direction and entered the medical course at the University of Beira Interior - Faculty of Health Sciences. I applied as a graduate and was lucky to be one of the chosen ones. I am student number 36931. I will be a finalist in the next school year (2021/2022). Since my 2nd year of nursing, I dream of becoming a doctor one day. It was not an easy decision. At the time I was working as a nurse in England and I chose to drop everything and embark on this adventure (and what an adventure!!!) of being a doctor. Fortunately, everything has gone well and the "wanting", the resilience, commitment and dedication with which I embraced the course were decisive for success. Unfortunately, the course is quite expensive as is all the equipment for daily use. I still managed to work in other areas (restaurant and retail) until the 3rd year of the course, but it became almost impossible to reconcile the two things (course+work).

Since I've already made myself known, albeit briefly, I would like to launch a challenge...this next school year (6th year), I will need a good stethoscope. As I will have an extra expense (pay the course to take the PNA) and the pandemic didn't help at all (more financial problems), I won't be able to buy the much coveted instrument. So I decide to ask the entire community for help. My goal with this contribution is to buy the stethoscope and when the regular year starts (January 2023), I will certainly improve my financial situation and with that I will be able to offer any student, in need, the stethoscope that I can buy with the your help! After that I will buy another one for myself with my money. The idea is to "create" a supportive stethoscope that helps me to perform my duties and later that can help other students, passing it from hand to hand. Thank you all. I will be forever grateful and who knows if we will ever cross paths!

About the author

Hugo Martins Viana

Degree in Nursing (Polytechnic Institute of Bragança - School of Health of Bragança) - 2007/2011

I practiced nursing in the UK - emergency department.

Currently, a student of the Integrated Masters in Medicine - 2016/2022 (University of Beira Interior - Faculty of Health Sciences), with the number 36931.

During the course, until the 3rd year I worked at IKEA, and in some cafes to somehow manage to support myself!

Once again, thanks so much for everything!

Budget and due dates

Littmann® Classic III Stethoscope - €119
Laser Engraving - 8.9€
Stethoscope Bag - 21€

Beira Interior University Tuition Fees - 697€

PPL commissions - €85.98

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    When starting the common year, I promise to send by email, the record of the delivery of the stethoscope to a student who needs it. I will now buy (with the money from my future salary) one for myself and donate the fundraiser. I also send, by email, proof of payment of the 2021/2022 tuition fees.

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