FuziMagic - Program for underprivileged kids, Malaysia
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FuziMagic - Program for underprivileged kids, Malaysia

My goal is to raise 1100€ (until the 15th of December) to support FuziMagic program for underprivileged kids in Malaysia for another 4 months.

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My goal is to raise 1100€ (until the 15th of December) to support FuziMagic program for underprivileged kids in Malaysia for another 4 months.


FuziMagic is a program that aims to elevate the quality of life and escalate opportunities for under-privileged kids in Malaysia.

Because visiting children homes/orphanages, guiding children to read and act out Fuzimagic comics and developing green activities with them FuziMagic builds self-confidence through Arts & Drama, inspires team work at all times, promotes social and cultural integration and empowers through creativity.

With a 4 modules program - Arts & Drama, Song & Dance, Living Skills, Green Activities – FuziMagic provides a life framework for underprivileged kids based on love and goodwill.

“…we pledge to inspire children to be ASSETS to the country and BLESSINGS to the world. Right here and right now, we take action…”

Fuzimagic - Building Bridges of Goodwill


About the author

My name is Hugo Pereira, I'm 24 years old and right now I'm teaching English (volunteer) in a rural community at Malaysia. During this experience, I had the opportunity to meet FuziMagic Program for under-privileged kids.

After 3 years working in Unilever, after getting my economic degree in Lisbon and after living international experiences and leadership experiences through AIESEC I decided to board on an adventure in Southeast Asia being right now involved with SOLS 24/7.

I know that I can't change the world, I now that my range of action is very limited...but if I can help this organization doing what they believe (and I believe too!) I will have a positive impact in the world.

Today that's enough and makes me happy.

Budget and due dates

Budget and due dates: 1100€ until the 15th of December, 2014 FuziMagic is a program with 4 Modules: Arts & Drama, Song & Dance, Living Skills, Green Activities. To develop and expand those activities they need support to fund the following expenses with: - Sash - Miracle Bowls - 30 copies each Comics - 1, 2nd and 3rd Chapter - Green Activities comics - Value Cards - Medallions - Green Ambassador & Goodwill Ambassador - A CD of our Signature Song - Recipes from AJINOMOTO - pencils, paper etc - A pair of scissors - A Fuzimagic banner - A Fuzimagic Box - Reduce-Reuse-Recycle The money is used to run our program for 3 - 4 months and build up our funds so that we can do more for the orphans. There are also more chapters to be printed and with the money we can print more and more comics. Also, the money raised will also go towards the making of our Mascot Costumes which will incorporate the sponsors logo.
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    "Thank you video!" from Fuzi

    Thank you! Really, thank you! As soon our goal is achieve you will have the honor to receive the "Thank you" video from Fuzi and the Video Report done by me when I announce the result of our endeavor to her. Thank you!

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    Group Photo signed by the kids

    Thank you, for your contribution you will receive in your e-mail a photo signed by the kids and Fuzi. Thank you!

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    Public Recognition on Facebook and on the "Thank you!" video

    Thank you! For your contribution, you will be part of the public greeting note on Facebook and Fuzi will highlight your name as one of the main contributors. Thank you!

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    Interview with Fuzi

    Thank you! Fuzi will be very glad to "meet you" and schedule a time to talk you and have a conversation with her. Thank you!

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    menos um cigarro por dia, durante 30 dias poderá fazer muitas crianças felizes (fala um fumador).

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