Rua is the Flyboyzcrew Stage (Porto - Ribeira)
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Rua is the Flyboyzcrew Stage (Porto - Ribeira)

We saved humanity with art and the smile on our face, now we ask in this crisis who is saving us street artists

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We saved humanity with art and the smile on our face, now we ask in this crisis who is saving us street artists

We are the flyboyzcrew, a dance group that currently lives in Portugal in the city of Porto, we have worked in the riverside area for over four years, which was when the group was formed, every morning we rise like any other worker to go to fight , we are viable instruments to rejuvenate public spaces.

We dance with high impact and low cost. We didn't need an infrastructure, there are no barriers, ticket sales, marketing or strategy sessions here, but we take our work as professionally as possible.

We are only seven artists, young breakdancers (bboying), who do not live on fixed salaries, but only act in exchange for tips. We encourage social interaction at the street level, create intimacy and make people feel happy, comfortable and safe. We always try to provide new forms of live entertainment that low-income citizens can access and enjoy.

That said, we also run the risk of ceasing to exist due to authorization requirements, with permission systems, equipment bans, which not even some of us want to give, making spontaneous, surprising art in public spaces become a thing of the past. .

Today we currently lose the risk of existing because of covid19, we need your help to survive this situation and move forward with our project that we have planned since we formed as a group, an infrastructure in which we can give people a reason to smile, and conclude our objective of going to the 4 corners of the planet to spread our art.

We live in a world in which some cities prohibit, some have no regulations, others that actively celebrate and support street artists.

A portion of that money goes to help causes and donations.

The whole truth of our history in attachments.

About the author

We are a group that joined 4 years ago. We have the ambition to dance in the four corners of the planet, we live a normal life, we are happy to dance and cheer people up in our great area of Ribeira, we all have our complicated life stories but we find refuge in art, we dedicate 100 % in practice. We need your help at this difficult time in the lives of all of us. As artists, we are being completely discarded, we have no support from the state, we have lost some elements in the group because they decided to leave the country, we feel completely abandoned.

Ps: email for more information, the mobile number may not be available

Budget and due dates

. Opening of an artistic space with all equipment (€ 30,000)

. Referral to institutions (€ 20,000)

.Help some struggling Group members, buy housing where they can all live together and a face for travel

.Help precise causes, people lacking food and clothing (20,000

We intend to reach May with all possible help

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    T Shirt

    A clothing with our name, because one day we will be big and well known, when we arrive in Portugal they have talent

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  • free dinner and show

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    free dinner and show

    Dine by the Douro river in one of the best restaurants on the riverside with our sponsors Peza Arroz.

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    Meu nome é Andre H. PITTET Investidor e credor privado. Estou interessado no seu projeto e estou pronto para conceder financiamento direto. Você pode entrar em contato comigo por e-mail para mais informações no seguinte endereço:

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