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“Da Saôji” is a project that aims to promote health in a São Tomé and Principe’s community by helping its people in areas such as sexually non-transmissible diseases prevention ...

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“Da Saôji” is a project that aims to promote health in a São Tomé and Principe’s community by helping its people in areas such as sexually non-transmissible diseases prevention and cronic health management. By employing a non-formal educational strategy, the project intends to implement the very practical concept of “Oficinas da Saúde”, which will include educational recreational activities and screenings in an attempt to raise awareness among the population to the importance of healthy eatin...

We intend to tackle the sexually non-transmissible disease’s problem in São Tomé. This group of diseases includes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and respiratory diseases, among others.

According to data from WHO, São Tomé has the highest rate of incidence of three of the four risk factores for this kind of pathologies (when compared to the other countries from its group): high blood pressure, high glycaemia levels and obesity. WHO’s report on strategies to fight the aforementioned problem states the main goals to reach until 2025: reducing the sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, salt and saturated fats.

The project’s main goal is to promote health, so as to help a São Tomé and Princípe’s community preventing – or delaying – the occurrence of morbidities associated NTD (non-transmissible diseases). By employing a non-formal educational strategy, or aim is to improve the community’s overall acceptance of the concept of chronic disease, and to bring awareness to the importance of healthy eating habits and physical activity.

We propose the following activities:

1. Using a convenience sample of adults that resort to the community health centers of two communities in Lembá’s district, from 20th of July to the 1st of August, perform glycaemia, blood pressure and BMI (body mass index) screenings. Only those who agree to the terms and conditions and sign the consent forms will be included in the screenings. Being that, we will need to evaluate capillary glycaemia, blood pressure and BMI (for which we will need the person’s height and weight). There is need for only one biological sample: capillary blood, by puncturing a finger’s extremity. Therefore, do you consider necessary to send a protocol to São Tomé and Principe’s Ethical Committee? All the necessary material will be transported and financed by our group and will remain in the health centers after we leave. We do not possess all the material’s details (brand, number, …), but we will inform you as soon as we do.

2. Sporting activities in the community.

3. Awareness-raising activities about Eating habits.

4. Health professionals’ training on nutrition in the context of cardiovascular disease.

5. Ludic activities aiming to raise awareness to the problem. 

About the author

Da Saôji’s multidisciplinary team is composed by:

INÊS ALEXANDRE, Licenciada em Psicologia do Desporto

INÊS PINA, Farmacêutica

MARIA RITA, Nutricionista

Our aim is to join our areas of expertise and personal motivations to better develop and implement this prevention plan. The fact that all our areas have a strong health component will only enrich the project and allow for a better suited intervention.

Budget and due dates

The main expenses of this project will be the ones related to the screening equipment and the team’s travelling on the field.


1. Flyers, Impressão - (50x050€) = 25€

2.Merchandising Da Saôji Keychain - (100x0,6642€) = 66,42€

3.Cartões Pitch Cartões com o logo e contactos equipa - (100x0,42€) = 42€

4.Glycaemia meters - (3x70€) = 210€

5. High blood pressure meters (Sphygmomanometer) - (3x45€) =135€


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    By helping with 30 euros, you will gain access to a personalized food plan, offered by our very own nutritionist, Maria Rita.

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    By helping with 50 euros, Da Saôji’s team will work towards promoting your own health, building a personalized training and food plan and also performing glycaemia and blood pressure screenings.

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