A wheelchair for Marisa!
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A wheelchair for Marisa!

Marisa needs an innovative new electric wheelchair to improve the circulation in her legs. This way she will be abe to avoid the possible threat of amputation of her toes or par...

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Marisa needs an innovative new electric wheelchair to improve the circulation in her legs. This way she will be abe to avoid the possible threat of amputation of her toes or parts of her legs.

Marisa is a young single Portuguese mother who has muscular dystrophy. This degenerative disease has taken away the use of her legs, and the failing blood circulation has left her open to infections in skin ulcers which developed as a complication of chilblains. 

The solution for this problem is a new, versatile electric wheelchair which can raise her legs, put her in a lying down and standing up position and generally provide a range of movements which will greatly improve her circulation and help the skin ulcers to close and heal. 

But of course a techno-chair like this is not cheap. The minimum she needs to pay is 7000 euros. We need to call on all the help we can to raise the money, help Marisa avoid amputation and give back quality of life to her and her lovely young daughter. 

About the author

We are a small group of Marisa's friends and family organising this campaign. Placed in different locations across Portugal, we are coordinating various initiatives to raise the money. We do not have a budget for publicity or the backing of a large association, so our campaign is simple, but we hope it will touch people and convince them to do the right thing!

Our team includes an artist, a human resources expert, a pharmaceutical company rep and a teacher/writer. Each of us shares promotional ideas, contacts and expertise (professional or otherwise) to achieve our aims.

Budget and due dates

The money is needed for one main goal: to buy the electric wheelchair for Marisa (the model is Oceano Vario, but the Orthox company). There are some other small costs - printing posters and flyers, and small gifts to offer to people who choose to donate 5/10/etc. euros or more.
Our goal is to raise €4000 euros. Combined with other fundraising initiatives, this should enable us to but the chair, which costs €7000 euros
The period chosen is 60 days. This campaign does not have a fixed finish date, but obviously the sooner Marisa can benefit from the new chair the better. But we also want to give time for the campaign to filter through to various parts of the world - we have friends in various continents who can help spread the word!

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