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Hello! My campaign's purpose is raising money for a 5 week summer course in Malta. The course consists of one week of an intensive English course (certified) and a 4-week intern...

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Hello! My campaign's purpose is raising money for a 5 week summer course in Malta. The course consists of one week of an intensive English course (certified) and a 4-week internship in a prestigious company.



I'm trying to get money for a summer course in Malta which is 5 weeks long. The course is sponsored by VidaEdu ( The course consists of one week of intensive English course (certified) and a 4-week internship at a prestigious company. This course allows young people with 16 -17 years to have the opportunity to start their careers in prestigious companies and thus enhance their curriculum. For this, I need 2500 €, because the course is paid and I still have to pay for the trips.


This program is intended for young people seeking an exchange for a first work experience abroad and develop language skills. In addition to being entered in the business environment and gaining experience that prepares them for their future careers, the youngsters will know a new country, its culture, habits and customs through their natives and make friends from all over the world.


This experience provides important tools to young people, such as:

• Learning the language of the country and practice it working.

• International work experience.

• Contact with new working methods and new cultures.

• Differentiated curriculum  and more global.

• More valuable Network.

• Making new friends with other participants from all over the world Program.

• Live a unique and memorable experience.


I think that I am an ideal person to take advantage of this program, because I'm a hardworking and committed student and I really believe that this course and internship can change my life and help me to have an even brighter future. However, for my age there aren't paid internships, which means I won't be able to afford the travel costs. I think that due to all my effort and hard work I have done, I deserve to have access to an opportunity like this. The problem is that in this case it's not just about wanting or deserving, you need to have the money. That's why I decided to create this campaign, of my own and free will, I am determined to fight for my dream and not to give up until I accomplished it. This is who I am, I am a dreamer and an unconditional fighter.


To make my dream come true I need your help. Don't think twice, invest in the future of our society and help me to invest in mine!


Thank you!

About the author

Hello! I am seventeen years old. I am from Oporto and I am a 11th grade student. I study science. I have great grades (last year, I finished 10th grade with an avarage of 20 / 20 and last term, my avarage was 19,7 / 20).  I am really dedicated, hardworking and I always want to learn more and more. Besides school, I am also a competitive swimmer, I broke the national record and I was national champion more than once. I also love helping the others, that's why I am a Red Cross volunteer and I do community service in different fields.

Budget and due dates

I need money for:

1) Pay the course registration, € 100;

2) Pay the course, € 1,700;

3) Pay the air travel, € 600;

4) Food (lunch) and transport in Malta, € 100.


I have to have the money by the end of May, as the course will be in July, but I must make all payments at least one month earlier.

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