(A)Corda -literally meaning “The rope”, figuratively meaning “waking up”.
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(A)Corda -literally meaning “The rope”, figuratively meaning “waking up”.

(A)Corda – Group for helping victims of domestic and gender violence.

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(A)Corda – Group for helping victims of domestic and gender violence.

(A)Corda” is meant to be a group where men and women who are living (and suffering with) a personal history of violence, as well as people who has overcame such problem, can help each other finding resources to deal with that constraining situation

(A)Corda” (literally meaning “The rope”, figuratively meaning “waking up”) symbolizes the abusive relationship that tightens and is meant to be broken. But the rope is also the symbol of the new, positive, relationships bounded within the group and focused on overcoming and in building another chance of happy living.

The narrative leads the group to the awareness of the problem, inviting people to wake up and to save their lives from violence.

“(A)Corda” will be a therapeutic group of people who are victims of domestic and gender violence. The group will meet every week for six months and it will be driven by a psychologist according to the principles of Narrative Therapy. This technique has been told to produce efficient results on finding personal/emotional tools to overcome traumatic events on life that could be powerful and inspiring examples to all the community.

The stories of each member will be shared within the group and from each story told, the tools of resilience and overcoming will be enlightened as strategies to get of the abusive relationship. By sharing individual stories and strategies, the victims will be able to write their own story of survival.

This project will rise up in a territory with many cases of domestic violence, where the meritorious efforts to control violence haven’t been effective.

The group narrative (uncharacterized) will be taken outdoors to inspiring other groups nationwide and the local community.

Furthermore, (A)Corda could complement the individual support given to victims by helping them weaving secure and empowering relationships.

About the author

Ideias Solidárias” is a non-profit organisation created by a group of people who recognized the importance of growing social strategies to fight domestic and gender violence in a Portuguese territory with large numbers of victims.

The organisation is directed by Carolina Monteiro, Filipa Soares and Ana P. Soares. They studied Law and Medicine and faced various situations that appeal them to work on this matter. The organisation also counts on the personal, professional and social work experience of other 17 associated.
All of them made up “Ideias Solidárias”.

Budget and due dates

We want to crowdfund 706€ until the 20th May.
This amount is meant to be applied on paying a contribution to the psychologist who will lead the group and to support costs on local advertising and informative materials.
This amount will finance the project during 6 months. It’ll be completely free to all victims who get to us.

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